3M Personal Protective Equipment

3M Personal Protective Equipment


In many industries, using personal protective equipment (or PPE) is essential, otherwise, workers put their health or even life at risk.

3M is a globally recognized manufacturer of best-in-class personal protective equipment that is reliable and convenient to use.

PPE Types

So, what types of personal protective equipment are there? Let’s figure it out!


Popular Products

Purpose: protection from inhaling hazardous substances (e.g. gases, fumes, vapors).


  • Disposable - protect against inhaling particulates in oil/non-oil environments.
  • Reusable - there are half- and full-face options for the best protection from particulates and/or gases & vapors.
  • Powered & Supplied Air Respirators - if you are working in environments with extremely hazardous airborne contaminants, using these respirators is a wise choice. At the same time, they are comfortable to wear, which is especially important if you are going to use a respirator for a long period of time.

Applications: construction, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas industry, pharmaceutics, the list goes on.


Popular Products

Purpose: to make inhaled air free of harmful solids/liquid aerosols.

Respirator filters are available in various shapes, sizes, they are designed for the protection from different contaminants. It is important to select the right filter for your particular respirator.

Pay attention that any filter should be replaced in case it is damaged or full.

Safety Glasses

Popular Products

Purpose: protection from vision damage or loss.

The company’s safety glasses are adjustable for a perfect fit, they have advanced optics as well as lens coatings. There are anti-fog safety glasses, safety glasses with readers, models with tinted lenses, and so on.

Most eye protection solutions by 3M are compatible with its respiratory & hearing protection products.

Applications: auto repair, construction, mining, welding; gardening, home projects; golf, hunting, and more.

Hearing Protection

Popular Products

Purpose: protection from hearing damage or loss.

Many people work in noisy environments. 3M offers various solutions to protect your hearing:

  • Earmuffs - choose from cap-mount, over-the-head, behind-the-head models;
  • Earplugs - there are corded & uncorded options;
  • Protective communication headsets not only protect you from noise but also offer other features, for example, Bluetooth.

Applications: construction, food industry, manufacturing, etc.

Hard Hats

Popular Products

Purpose: to prevent head trauma caused by falling/flying objects (e.g. stones, sticks), bumping into hard objects (e.g. pipes), etc.

Thanks to inner suspension, these hard hats reduce forces that would otherwise be transmitted to the wearer’s head & spine.

There are regular hard hats, full brim models, hard hats with Uvicator (a special sensor that informs the wearer when it’s time to replace the hard hat due to UV exposure), and more. You can choose from different colors.

Applications: construction, forestry, petrochemical industry, etc.

Welding Helmets

Popular Products

Purpose: to keep the welder’s eyes, ears, head, face, as well as respiratory organs safe.

The work of a welder is specific, that’s why only special welding helmets should be used. 3M welding helmets are designed to fit different shapes of heads.


Popular Products

Purpose: body protection from hazardous dust, liquid splashes, etc.

3M coveralls can offer such features as special breathable panels for more comfort. They are made of durable materials so you can wear the coverall even in harsh environments. Many models have a hood that is compatible with other personal protective equipment, in addition, 2-way zippers ensure that taking the coverall on or off is fast & convenient.


Popular Products

3M gripping material work gloves are extra-durable, enjoy long wear, increased friction & slop resistance. An elastic wrist band ensures adjustable closure. These gloves can be used in various work environments.

Final Thoughts

Please note that any piece of PPE must fit properly and be worn correctly. Such equipment should be carefully inspected, cleaned, and stored.

3M offers an extensive range of high-quality personal protective equipment, just choose the products that will meet your needs.

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