3M Welding Helmets

3M Welding Helmets

3M manufactures a variety of products for different industries such as safety, design, construction, health care, and others. The brand is a trusted industry leader in producing welding helmets. The items are elaborately designed, reliable and durable to achieve the best optimal ways to protect you in different working environments.

3M made sure that welders have flawless views before, during and after the working process. The helmets ventilate the air you exhale. This feature helps to reduce lens fogging. Additionally, the field of view is offered in V, X or XX size. A large viewing area allows you to perform precise welding and grinding. In addition, 3M enhanced peripheral vision opportunities for effective work. 3M uses an extremely efficient Speedglas technology to enhance the level of sight protection. 3M welding helmets filter welding fumes and other hazardous substances.

3M welding helmets are constructed to fit different shapes of heads to maximize your comfort. Moreover, with 3M helmets, you will forget about neck strain after intensive working hours.

Welding can take place in different conditions so it is important to protect yourself thoroughly. 3M offers multiple protection to keep your eyes, ears, head, face and respiratory organs out of danger.

Eyes should be protected from sparks, infrared and ultraviolet light, sharp objects and so on.
In different working conditions, your ears can be exposed to dangerous influence. Your hearing is protected with the help of high-quality earmuffs.

You can breathe deeply as you have slim, ergonomic and extremely light air respirator to provide you with clean air. Your head will be safe contacting falling objects with reliable helmet material and construction. You don’t have to worry about cuts, scratches, chops, stabs, etc.

Additionally, 3M offers featured accessories such as heat-reflecting helmet cover and a shroud to protect the welder from sparks and flames.

3M welding helmets is the best choice to keep you safe during the work!

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