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There are working conditions that include potential hazards like heavy and sharp objects, hot and acid liquids, fire and so on. 3M produces high-quality head protection equipment to keep the workers safe at their working place. 3M hard hats are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the contemporary world.

Various models of 3M hard hats feature heat resistance to protect the wearers in hot, dangerous environments. Another useful feature of some 3M hard hats is the UVicator sensor. In case the sensor changes from red to white, the ultraviolet rays of the sun reduce the protection level of a hard hat so it can’t function appropriately and should be replaced immediately. One more useful feature is a 4-point ratchet suspension that allows adjusting height and fit of the hat.

All 3M hard hats are sturdy and reliable. They are made of highly durable materials such as high-density polyethylene. These hard hats reduce the possibility of being injured by small falling objects such as stones or sticks. In addition, 3M hard hats protect the wearers from any harm caused by bumping into hard objects like pipes, girders, beams, etc.

It is possible to choose a vented or non-vented cap style hats, depending on the wearer’s purposes.

3M hard hats are made for comfortable work. The gear is lightweight and doesn’t overload the head. Additionally, 3M designed the hard hats so the suspension sits lower on the wearer’s head. It diminishes pressure and enhances the level of protection.

3M thought thoroughly about the design of their products. It is possible to choose from a rich palette of colors including bright blue, yellow, green, red, orange, white and more to suit a wearer’s personal preferences and purposes. Bright colors are easier to see in fog or smoke, which consequently increases the level of the user’s security.

3M hard hats are highly reliable products for efficient head protection.

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