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3M is the company that specializes in producing top-quality protective gear for an array of situations. People of many occupations face harsh working conditions with polluted air on a daily basis. They work in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, etc. The processes at their job sites can include grinding, sanding, welding - the list goes on. Breathing in such conditions without any protective equipment may be not only difficult but also very dangerous and harmful to people’s health. That is why workers should wear special respirators and other respiratory protective equipment. However, a respirator itself is just a mask. The main function - protection from hazardous particulates - is fulfilled by filters.

3M filters are designed for various 3M respirators. They are of many sizes and shapes, intended to protect the wearer against different types of contaminants. The product line-up includes gas, vapor, particulate, spray paint filters and more.

It is crucial to remove the filter when it is full or damaged - so the respirator can fulfill its function properly. How to determine whether the filter is necessary to replace? First, the breathing process can be complicated. Second, the wearer can smell or even taste the particles accumulated in the filter. Third, if the filter has a special indicator, it shows the end of the item service). If any of the listed things are noticed, the filter should be removed immediately, so the wearer’s health is protected.

3M offers high-grade quality combined with a superb level of comfort. 3M filters provide protection and at the same time they are lightweight and have low breathing resistance.

Before using any 3M filter, it is highly recommended to read the instruction and make sure that this particular filter fits the wearer’s respirator and suits the type of hazard at the working place.

3M filters are created to protect!

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