3M Respirators

3M Respirators

3M manufactures products for a number of industries including construction, health care and lots of others. The company produces high-quality respiratory equipment. The range of 3M Respirators comprises a variety of different types of respirators: negative-pressure, disposable, reusable, half-face and full-face. Each type has its peculiarities so it’s necessary to know the tasks it should solve. Before usage, assess exposure level and then choose the right type to minimize exposure.
Furthermore, before working in any respirator, it’s highly recommended to consult a doctor to find out whether the equipment is suitable for you.

A negative-pressure respirator allows to breathe through filters. Disposable respirators are applied if you have a particulate danger. It’s worth mentioning that this type of respiratory equipment is light plus it doesn’t need any further maintenance as it is removed after usage.

The next type offered by 3M is a reusable respirator. Here replaceable cartridges are used to protect you against particulate hazards, gas or vapour. 

Half-face and full-face respirators differ depending on the face area they cover. Half-face masks cover the lower part of the face (nose and mouth included), when full-face ones cover almost the whole face (eyes included).

In case the environment is unknown, lacks oxygen or is immediately dangerous to life or health (or IDLH), a self-contained breathing apparatus (or SCBA) should be used. It is special respiratory equipment that includes breathable compressed air in a tank. This device usually comprises 3 parts: a high-pressure tank, a pressure regulator and an inhalation connection. A SCBA is widely used by rescue workers, firefighters, etc.

3M also offers items based on another classification. You can find positive pressure, tight-fitting and loose-fitting respirators. A positive pressure respirator works when the air pressure inside the facepiece is greater than outside the respirator. A tight-fitting respirator must be worn tight without any gaps. A loose-fitting respirator has a helmet or a hood.

3M respirators is a perfect choice for those who value safety in any working environment!

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