Electrical networks make up a complicated and perplexing grid of cables and supplementary devices like servers, routers, etc. Data transferring networks make our modern-day life possible - with sophisticated gadgets that have constant access to any information. Extenders are special devices that play an important role in creating data transfer networks. We provide a collection of extenders at the best prices.



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Extenders are devices that can receive certain signals, transform them (if necessary), and convey them to respective devices. There is a variety of extenders that are suited for specific application spheres. Digital media extenders are commonly used in houses and small advertising set-ups. They work together with DVI switches, relaying their signals over wireless connections to remote set-ups, thus extending the display network. KVM extenders play a similar role but with different set-ups. Extenders are also utilized to extend the coverage area of the ethernet network. Find the best products at the lowest prices - only on Mega Depot.