Power tools serve us well. They make all types of improvement projects faster and less labor-intensive. They enable us to perform difficult tasks with greater ease and accuracy than most of us could ever hope for without them. However, they demand respect.

Modern PTs are designed to operate safely when used prudently and according to all instructions in the tool's operator's manual. Virtually all PT accidents are preventable. Yet, accidents happen to novices and experienced operators alike.

Power tools are 'good friends' that require operator respect in specific ways. They must be used carefully and kept in safe operating condition, whether they are in the hands of a professional tradesman, a beginning dо-it-yourselfer оr a vocational student.

Choosing the correct tool and the proper accessory fоr your application can help to reduce the risk of serious injury. When used according to the manufacturer's instructions, the proper tool and accessory will do the job safer and faster.