Fastening elements, even though small in size, are among the most important parts when it comes to joining two or more objects. Such joining elements are presented in a great variety of types, some utilized for general purposes, and some are designed for a specific material/application. A rivet is an extremely popular type of fasteners available today. Mega Depot offers a great range of rivets of different sizes and materials.


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Rivets date back as far as the Bronze Age. They are utilized in building, ship & plane assembly, and similar processes that require permanent connections that are extremely resistible to any type of load (especially shear-type). The functioning principle is pretty simple. Rivets commonly have two parts: a head and a tail. A tail is put through a hole and then deformed with the aid of a special device. This deformation effectively creates a second head in place of a tail, thus fixing the rivet in the desired position and preventing it from falling out of the connection. This type of bond is harder to disassemble and requires partial or complete destruction of a fastener.