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A drill is a power tool that employs rotational movement to drive end-bits, which in turn perform two chief functions. The first one is drilling holes/openings in different objects. The second one is fastening components/materials to each other using supplementary connector devices. These bits are held by a drill clamp and are pressed against the material that needs to be drilled, the same goes for fastening components. We offer a great collection of power drills from the best manufacturers in the industry.

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Power Drills

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First drills were created by the Mayan civilization. They utilized manual power, and a variety of hand-driven drills are still used up to this day. However, using electricity/compressed air as the main power source significantly increases your drill’s performance, providing much more force, while requiring no or minimum human effort. Modern-day power drills are presented in a great variety of types, from handheld, electric, and magnetic drills used for do-it-yourself or simple construction applications to large heavy-duty drilling presses and mills. We provide a selection of power drills designed specifically to meet your professional requirements. Choose the right product for you and achieve the best results! Shop with Mega Depot!