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Modern-day power tools are available in a vast selection of devices suited for numerous purposes. Some power tools are created and designed for a specific task, while others are “augmented” versions of hand tools. A great example of a well-known and widely-used power device is an impact wrench. It’s a successor to a regular hand-operated socket wrench, but it also utilizes a supplemental power source (electricity, compressed air/fluids) to provide torque. Mega Depot offers a broad collection of impact guns from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Impact Wrenches

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The main purpose of an impact wrench is identical to hand-operated wrenches. These devices utilize a rotating mechanism that delivers timed strikes, producing torque, and rotating objects fixed in the socket. These gadgets provide a high force of impact and can perform the same operations for a very long time, making them a perfect substitute for hand wrenches. We provide an array of torque guns, all at the best prices.