Wrenches are multifunctional, multipurpose tools that have become somewhat of a symbol for craftsmen and handymen. Wrenches are fairly simple tools that offer their functionality and almost unlimited usefulness to anyone who knows how to use them. Wrenches date back to the end of the Middle Ages, when their prototypes were used in armorsmithing. Since then, a wrench has evolved quite a bit, emerging as one of the go-to instruments in a variety of spheres. Mega Depot offers a great selection of wrenches from the most trusted manufacturers.


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A wrench is a hand tool that is used to secure the grip of certain objects, as well as to enable and amplify the force one applies to a given object. The most common application of this device is turning fasteners (or prevent them from turning in some cases). Wrenches differ in type (based on their application field), and operational principle. The instruments you can find at Mega Depot include open-end instruments, combination wrenches, ratchet, socket, torque, pipe, and many other types. Choose the right product for your application and enhance your productivity and efficiency! Shop with us and use only reliable products!