Clamp-On Meters

A clamp-on meter is known to be one of the most efficient current diagnostic tools. It is capable of measuring current without direct contact with it, thus there is no need to break the electric circuit to get readings. You just switch to the required measuring range of current, press the trigger to open up the jaws, and place the conductor you want to test inside. Then, you are to get the results on the display.

The main thing you need to remember is that you have to clamp exactly the conductor that you want to measure. If you clamp both sides at a time or the whole cable, you will get a zero result. So if you have a wire consisting of several cables and you need to measure each of them, you should find the place where the cable is divided into separate wires, somewhere in the electric cabin, for example.

If you are not sure about what current range to use, you have to start with the maximum and then, if necessary, switch to a lower range to get more accurate readings.

The main element of a clamp meter is the current sensor. There are two types of sensors used: a current transformer and a Hall sensor. The first one is used for measuring alternating current, while the second sensor is able to deal with direct current as well.

At Mega Depot, you can also find thermal imaging clamp-on meters. These diagnostic tools combine thermal imaging with electrical measurement and provide a reliable way to identify hot spots and overloaded circuits from a safe distance.


Clamp-On Meters

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