A borescope is a special testing device used for visual inspection. It is very useful when you need to take a peek at areas that cannot be accessed by any other means or to examine a small object without disassembling or destroying it, in this case, a borescope is your best option. These devices may vary in shape, size, material, etc., but all of them share the same structure. A borescope generally looks like a tube with a lens or a video device (with an additional source of illumination to improve the clarity and quality of a picture) on one end and a monitor on the other end. They are connected by a special optical system inside the tube. Borescopes are mostly used while inspecting engines, small details, or any other complicated devices, however, you can still find a use for them in your everyday life.


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We offer a variety of borescopes. You can buy flexible or rigid borescopes that differ in the construction of a tube, connecting the two parts, and slight technological performance. You can also purchase this piece of test equipment with a special video camera, which allows capturing video recordings or separate still images of an object, and use them in later inspection.

Using these devices will save your time and money, they are very easy to utilize and provide functionality much needed both in everyday life and in specialized tasks. We offer borescopes as well as supplementary products. Mega Depot offers borescopes from Extech, Flir, General Tools, Wohler, and more. You can easily find the right device at the right price.