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An air conditioning (AC) system includes a set of gadgets that are utilized to change the attributes of breathing air on certain premises. Two major attributes that are affected by these devices are temperature and moisture. Such alterations are made to improve the quality of breathing air or to ensure appropriate interior atmospheric parameters. These devices are widely utilized in commercial and industrial spheres, as well as for private housing. The main part of any AC is a cooling unit (CU), a device that is directly engaged in adjusting the parameters of air and distributing it via the hose and pipe network. We offer a great selection of cooling units suitable for various AC systems. Find the best products for your application at Mega Depot!

Cooling Units

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A CU is the essential element in the AC set. It allows the hot, stale air and all excess warmth from the premise to be let out in the surrounding environment, while the normalized breathing air is transported inside. These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are suited for numerous variations of systems. There are several system alternatives. The one, which is most widespread and simple is a window unit, which is installed in a window and comprises two fans. One of them transports the cool air into the premise, while the other one takes the excess warmth outside. Another type is known as a split system, a more intricate type, where the cooling element and heat outlet are separated. These systems may provide AC for a single room or for a whole apartment or house. There are also portable units, that allow the relocation of the inside element. They connect the cooling element and the heat outlet with special flexible hoses.