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Mahr is a worldwide operating, medium-sized family-run business whose name is traditionally connected with the terms production metrology, quality and innovation. In addition to high-quality measuring units to test workpiece geometry, also high-precision gear and metering pumps and high-precision rotary stroke bearings as a universal element for mechanical constructions are essential components of the product program.

As an application specialist in the field of production metrology, Mahr solves the metrological tasks of its customers and is the contact partner for all questions related to quality.

Mahr offers solutions for high-precision metering to the manufacturers of the synthetic fibres, elastomers and fiber reinforced composites, their suppliers and generally for the plastics processing industry.

Mahr Federal Mission Statement

  • Customer orientation - means all of the actions are to be oriented towards the customer's wishes. Mahr approach technical challenges with an innovative spirit and creativity.
  • Reliability, accuracy and efficiency - describe constant striving towards economic efficiency, process stability, correctness and reliability.
  • Honesty and trust - Mahr duly show these values to the employees, customers and investors, creating the basis for a trusting cooperation. The company only make promises that they can keep, see promises as obligations and observe rights and laws.
  • Responsible actions - are the company’s duty. Mahr act according to their own initiative, out of responsibility to the company and each other and consequently pursue their goals – in the company and beyond.
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