Tips For Calibration And Use Of Moisture Meter

moisture tester

Moisture tester is an electronic tool used by many professionals to measure the absolute moisture content in agriculture, woodworking, construction, and some other industries. It allows you to control the quality of various materials, to determine their readiness for storage or intended use.

As we know, electronic devices can break down from time to time. Your moister meter may show an error or simply stop working. To help you sort out the problem that has arisen, below, you’ll find several reasons that can lead to an outage/errors and useful tips to fix them quickly.

Question: Problems with readings: low battery, errors (44.4, 99.9), etc.

If the moisture tester display fades/dims or shows ‘LOBAT’, the meter itself cannot perform its function, or you simply cannot turn the tester on - check the battery level: charge it, otherwise replace the battery (use 9-volt ALKALINE batteries only!) and run a calibration check.

The 44.4 error - the display shows it when you install the battery and press any of the buttons for the first time. It is a norm that tells you ‘the meter is initializing’.

The 99.9 error is a notification that your moisture/temperature readings are above 45%/225˚F (99˚C). The 00.0 error means that your moisture/temperature readings are below 8.0%/32˚F (0˚C) accordingly.

It often happens that inaccurate reading may be caused by the dirty pin/tip of a pin-type moisture meter. To prevent damages and replacement of the pin/tip, clean it after every use, keep the moisture tester in a dry place, and remove the battery if you are not going to use the device for several months.

Question: How to calibrate a moisture tester with a calibration clip (07156)?

Any measuring device must be checked over time for accuracy. With the help of a calibration clip (07156), you can do it easily and quickly following these steps:

  1. Clean the probe tip thoroughly, then press and hold the 4th button - ‘check mark’. The display will count down ‘5,4,3,2,1’ until the end point ‘00.0’.
  2. Release the button now.
  3. Tightly place the calibration clip on to the probe tip and then press and hold the ‘check mark’ button again.
  4. The tester will now display 24.8%, indicating that the unit is now calibrated.

NOTE: If the tester displays “99.9” anytime during the calibration process, it means that an error has occurred. Try repeating the calibration procedure starting from the very beginning.

A calibration clip (07156) is used only with a pin-type moisture meter.

Furthermore, running a calibration check is necessary when:

  • replacing the battery
  • the tester has not been used for a long time
  • the tester is used several times in a row

Question: Can you average multiple readings?

To get accurate results, take different readings in various parts of a bale. As the bale may be tighter/looser in some places, the reading will vary. There is no need to average readings. After making 5-10 samples, take the highest reading as the main one. For more accurate readings, you can clean the tip of the moisture meter before each sample.

Question: Is there any ON/OFF switch?

The pin-type model doesn’t have an ON/OFF switch. To turn the moisture tester ON - press any button you need. Wait a few seconds and it will turn off automatically.

Question: Can you test other materials with a hay moisture meter?

If the moisture meter was created and calibrated to measure moisture in a bale, then use it only for its intended purpose. Otherwise, you will not get accurate results.

The use of a moisture meter is essential for maintaining optimal productivity in some industries. Nevertheless, the accuracy of results depends on careful handling, cleaning, and calibration check. One of the most trusted manufacturers of moisture measuring devices is AgraTronix.

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