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AgraTronix is the flagship producer of electronic moisture testers. The devices are applied to measure the amount of water (%) in a substance. AgraTronix moisture testers are reliable in measuring, easy to use and maintain.

Using AgraTronix moisture meters will help you to enhance the value of your crops. Moisture control is essential if you are determined to succeed in agriculture. It is important that the level of moisture is neither too low nor too high.

AgraTronix electronic moisture testers range is designed to help to diminish mold growth, so your crops are safe. AgraTronix offers testers for moisture in hay, grain and specialty.

Hay moisture meters allow farmers to test the level of moisture in hay in the field before it is collected. Mind that optimal moisture level in hay during the baling process should range  from 18 to 22%. In case of exceeding this range, mold can spread and damage your hay.

Grains are affected by weather conditions: precipitation (rain, snow etc.), temperature levels (cold, heat) and so on. The weather constantly changes throughout the year, so you must always be aware of moisture content levels in your grains.

You can also find models to easily control moisture levels in coffee, soil, cotton, tobacco, corn stove and more!

Once a moisture tester is assembled, it is quality tested to make sure it is calibrated correctly. AgraTronix moisture meters are equipped with sturdy body, resistant to water and dust for you to work comfortably in a lot of different environments and conditions. The devices are lightweight that adds to the list of their advantages. Portable moisture testers are powered by batteries that are easy to change if necessary, AgraTronix items feature bright LCD displays to see the readings.

If you use a moisture meter, you can easily establish whether you need to change or remove your grains or not. Forget about mold and enhance your productivity with AgraTronix. 
Electronic moisture meters are widely used by farmers, traders and those who want to control the quality of production at every stage.

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