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moisture meters

Success in agriculture depends on many factors. One of the most important is the weather. Extreme heat and cold, different kinds of precipitation (e.g. rain, snow etc.), storms, droughts, floods can negatively affect the crops. That is why, it is necessary to control the level of moisture in a substance. Otherwise, the consequences can be irreversible: the possibility of losing money is extremely high.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of different models and variants of the devices on the market. But there are four types of moisture meters: pin-type, pinless, reagent-using and probe-using.

A pin-type moisture meter includes the following parts: pins, LCD screen, control buttons and a cap. Additionally, the device can be equipped with a wrist strap. The working principle of a pin-type moisture meter is based on measuring the electrical resistance between the pins that are put into the substance under test.

A pinless moisture meter has a special sensor pad that contacts the surface of the substance without damaging its surface.

Depending on the material in which the device measures the level of moisture, there are grain, hay, coffee, concrete, wood, cotton, soil, tobacco and other moisture testers. It is important to use the device that is intended for a specific substance or material.

A portable moisture meter is handheld and lightweight. These features enable the users to transfer the device from one place to another, enhancing their level of productivity. Additionally, this instrument is battery powered - use it wherever you go! With this simple device it is easy to keep the mold away from various substances.

Moisture meters are used in food and construction industries. Here the level of moisture should be appropriate, in other words, people’s health and even lives can be put at risk.

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Moisture Meters

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