Automated systems incorporate a number of elements that ensure the proper functioning of a set-up and prevent any damage or malfunctions. These parts may be used separately in regular systems and devices, however, when combined, properly organized, and assembled, they create automated machines, which require minimum maintenance and control. Filters are widely used in multiple appliances, from air purifiers to HVAC/R systems, and they are also used in automated systems. We provide a great selection of filters suitable for use in automated processes.



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Filters are an important part of automated set-ups. These devices may be used for air or liquid filtration in systems where the same substance is used in repeated cycles, or if this substance is obtained from an outside source. Such devices are commonly used as a part of a combination unit. Together with pressure regulators and lubricators, these devices compose a perfect solution for automated air/gas processing in hydraulic systems and other automated networks. Shop with Mega Depot and use reliable products from the best manufacturers!