Automated processes require a variety of gadgets and tools that ensure safe and efficient performance and prevent intricate systems from failure. An example of such a system is a pneumatic network. These networks may be utilized for various purposes, and they require specific substance (gas or air) preparation before operating. Combination units are utilized to adjust the compressed air or gas to the parameters of a network. These mechanisms comprise three main elements: a filter, a lubricator, and a pressure regulation device. We offer a wide choice of regulators at the best prices.



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Pressure regulators are specialized valve-type contrivances that manage the incoming flow of gas/air in the system. They alter the pressure value of air or gas fed from a cylinder/container or any other source, reducing it to match the internal pressure value. These appliances consist of restriction, load, and measuring elements. Modern devices are presented in two types - directly actuated diaphragm (also known as a single-stage) and pilot actuated piston (or two-stage) regulators. The first one decreases the pressure by reducing the inlet channel opening, while the second one progressively lowers pressure as the air proceeds down the regulator's inner compartment.