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Nowadays, cities are growing bigger every day, as well as industries that are developing rapidly. But our technological advancements come at a price and affect our daily life in a lot of ways. Air pollution in particular has a very noticeable effect. Poisonous fumes deplete the air of oxygen and pose a threat to human health and even life. The houses we live in may also be the cause of poisoning, with dust, bacteria, and mold filling our rooms. Even though healthy people may not feel them, there are risk groups like kids, elderly people, and hypersensitive people that might be affected. Air purifiers were created to mitigate the results of pollution and provide clean breathing air. We offer a wide choice of air purifiers at the best prices. Breathe freely with Mega Depot.

Air Purifiers

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Air purifiers are special devices developed to remove contaminating particles contained in the air we breathe. There are a lot of different types of such gadgets, and they differ in the working principle. Filter-based devices are used everywhere. Usually, such gadgets are a part of the HVAC system. They filter out dust from the air very effectively, but their main drawback is that they hinder the flow of air. Another type is ionizing devices. They operate by creating different charges on dust particles, causing them to pull themselves to each other and fall down. Ozone generating devices have a somewhat similar way of functioning. They create oxygen-rich particles that can disinfect the air. Finally, another type of air cleaning products is an ultraviolet lamp, which eliminates bacteria.