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Plumbing systems incorporate a variety of elements, from basic segments of straight pipes to complex machinery like heating/cooling devices and pumps. Many pipes are linked into one large network that services large cities. Pipes are interconnected with the aid of special fittings, and gaskets are applied to counteract the irregularities and defects of connecting elements and to ensure that the system is leakproof. Sometimes, additional isolation is required. That's where supplementary packing materials come in handy. Mega Depot offers a great range of packing tapes and other materials. Shop with us!

Packing Materials

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Isolating materials may be applied in various situations. Often, additional protection is needed due to temperature differences. Covering materials may protect the surrounding environment or equipment, or the tube itself from extremely low/high temperatures. Another important function of such substances is to provide additional physical protection. Insulation is another major property of such tapes, they protect the user/surrounding equipment from the occasional electrical currents that may appear as a result of a malfunction. Irregular or faulty connections require an additional sealant to protect the system from leakages. We offer a great selection of graphite, oakum, fiberglass, flax, and many other types of protection tapes. Find the best solution for you on Mega Depot!