Piping systems are usually complicated and consist of many parts. The integrity of a piping system ensures the safe transportation of desired substances (water, other liquids, air, gas, waste, and more). We can distinguish two main defects that can affect the integrity of such systems. The first is the imperfection of tubes or pipes. The second is an improper connection between pipe sectors. Any faulty connection could result in leakages of dangerous materials or valuable resources, or in the contamination of the transported substance and even the whole system. It's necessary to take additional measures to increase the tightness of pipe connections. Gaskets are used specifically for this purpose. A gasket is more



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...special sealing device. It can be made from different materials, often rubber or fabric, sometimes metal. Usually, gaskets are circular in shape, and the size is made to match the desired pipe size. Gaskets can vary in their design. Some gaskets are pressed out from a sheet of material, some of them are created of solid substances that cannot be pressed, etc. There are also more intricate types that comprise more than one type of material and are constructed from several elements. Mega Depot offers a great selection of gaskets and other products. Find the best products on Mega Depot!