Data transfer grids link PCs and similar devices into a “net” where they can give/receive information to/from each other and access data stored on servers. Modems, special gadgets, are responsible for adequate data transfer and reception, effectively enabling the exchange between PCs. Mega Depot offers a great collection of modems & data-broadcasting units from the best manufacturers. You can choose from Microflex, Black Box products, and more. These state-of-the-art devices comply with present-day standards and are made with the customer in mind.



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Modems were primarily invented to transform signals into an appropriate format. They modulated outgoing signals from PC to telephone line and demodulated incoming signals based on the same principle. Eventually, information transfer systems evolved, thus DSL and cable modems appeared. They connect ethernet or other types of cables. We also offer data broadcasting units, which share stored information with all connected stations. Shop with Mega Depot and get reliable devices!