HVAC/R Equipment. Usage

There are two kinds of HVAC/R equipment: test equipment and service/maintenance equipment. Some test instruments, such as gauge/gage manifolds, are both diagnostic as well as servicing tools. Most test instrumentation is dedicated, that is, it can only be used for one purpose. In addition, many refrigeration complex test instrumentation and maintenance tools can be used with only one type of refrigerant. HVAC/R testing and servicing equipment can be simple (such as gauge manifolds or test lights) or extremely complex (such as charging stations and scan tools). When using any type of HVAC/R tools, always be careful not to damage the HVAC/R complex or cause a release of refrigerant intо the atmosphere. Cooling complex test and service instruments are used to check for leaks and pressure problems. Always allow the cooling system to cool off and remove all pressure before performing any test or service operations. Often, the most important tools include the proper service literature or other sources of service information. 

The instrumentation offered in this department to your advantage must be used to perform any refrigeration or other HVAC/R complex diagnosis. The tools are alsо utilized for service and part replacement.