Heaters are utilized in every HVAC/R structure to produce warmth. Heating elements are needed to increase the temperature of air or water. Then, the heated substance is supplied in the respective system, for example, central heating, air, or water supply. We also offer a range of stand-alone heating devices of various constructions. The most common are fan heaters that utilize fans of various sizes to push the air over a heat source. Cold air is taken from a room and then being replaced with warm air, as a result, the temperature is increased. The devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small table heaters to large equipment capable of heating a spacious building. A variation of fan heaters is called ceramic heaters, they have a somewhat similar working principle. They use a ceramic plate to generate warmth. This plate transfers the warmth to a metal grid, and when the fan blows over it - the warmth is transferred into the room. We provide a selection of infrared heaters. These are special lamps that are designed to heat the surrounding objects (not the air) by transmitting electromagnetic emissions. In addition, we offer radiators, special heating devices with hot water circulating inside of them. They heat the surrounding air by radiating warmth from the surface of a device itself, hence the name. Mega Depot offers a wide range of heaters from the best manufacturers.