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Taps and dies appeared naturally after the emergence of bolts & nuts, which were created and used since the Middle Ages. Fasteners were manufactured from wood with the aid of special woodworking instruments. Towards the 18th century, wooden fasteners became substituted with metal ones, and taps & dies were used to shape them. Modern-day dies and taps come in a variety of types and sizes. Mega Depot offers a vast choice of taps & dies at the lowest prices.

Taps & Dies

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Taps are somewhat similar in appearance to drill borers. They have special threading lines along the length of the rod that are needed to create female couplings (nuts). The tap is placed against a prepared metal and then driven through to essentially create a thread. Tapping may require manual power (and a wrench), or additional power tools, (e.g. drills).

Dies are utilized to form male couplings (bolts). They have thread patterns cut out inside of a circular metallic disk, which is rotated around the metal rod (this process also may require a wrench) to create a bolt.