Founded in 1994, Psiber Data Systems Inc. began with a simple philosophy - to build professional, next-generation high-performance test equipment for everyday network maintenance. Revolutionary next-generation products from Psiber enable customers to accelerate the deployment, performance, and maintenance of high-speed networks and applications.

The first instrument developed by Psiber was the PsiberNET data clamp in 1994. This instrument created an entirely new class of computer LAN (Local Area Network) diagnostic tools. The PsiberNET data clamp was the only non-intrusive test instrument that could read and display LAN traffic information without a direct electrical connection to the network. This innovative product was recognized by Data Communications Magazine as the "Hot Product of the Year" in physical layer testing in 1995.

After the development of the PsiberNET data clamp, the company has continued to introduce breakthrough, high-speed testing instruments to the market. Psiber was the first to develop and market a series of link testers - the LanMaster line, including the latest LanMaster 26 Gigabit Link Tester with PoE detection.

Psiber was also the first to launch a cost-effective Pinging product, the Pinger, and its successor, the Pinger Plus+. Then, Psiber capped LAN product innovation by introducing Port ID link light activation to tone generators - creating the CableTracker Network Tone and Probe kit.

With the expansion of high-speed networks, Psiber also makes next-generation test equipment, including CableTool TDR, LANExpert Network Analyzer, CT12 High Power Tone Generator, and PingerPro Series for the CATV industry, enterprise market, and service providers.

Psiber designs and manufactures world-class next-generation test, measurement, and verification solutions. Its headquarters are in San Diego, California, USA where R&D, manufacturing, and product services are done. The company is proud that all of its handheld network testers are made in the USA.


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