LabTAG Cryo-WrapTAG

Mega Depot offers products from the best manufacturers. LabTAG supplies a broad selection of laboratory identification solutions to various healthcare institutions. You can find labels that are intended for different purposes.

LabTAG Cryo-WrapTAG™ labels offer excellent performance. The labels have several undeniable advantages: they are intended for cryogenic storage, can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, the information is protected from various factors: alcohol, bleach, DMSO, and detergents. Besides, a strong adhesive ensures that the label will remain attached to the surface and you will not lose it. The products can be used with tubes and vials of various sizes.

The identification information can be written using a special cryo-marker by LabTAG or printed with a thermal-transfer barcode printer. The labels are supplied in rolls. They are durable and meet current standards.

The company uses only high-quality raw materials and conducts quality control tests on all labels. Thus, LabTAG makes sure that its customers get products they can rely on.

Order is important, especially if you work in a lab. With LabTAG Cryo-WrapTAG™ labels, every tube and vial will be identified.

Choose quality with LabTAG!

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