GA International Inc. is a research company committed to the continuous development of products and methods to address both common and unique challenges. Providing exceptional identification solutions, the manufacturer supplies high-quality labels and tapes to the rapidly evolving biopharma, biotechnology, medical, biobanking, healthcare, construction, fashion, and retail fields under the most trusted brand names, among which Lab-Tag™ is.

Lab-Tag™ manufactures specialty labels and tapes for biomedical, biotech, and biopharmaceutical laboratories. The company offers a wide selection of cryo and deep-freeze labels for PCR tubes and frozen vials for -80°C and liquid nitrogen storage, xylene and solvent resistant labels for microscope slides and paraffin wax blocks used in histology, blood bag labels, autoclave resistant labels, piggyback and blackout labels, RFID labels, and more.

Lab-Tag™ provides custom manufacturing, packaging, and shipping to almost any country and location worldwide.

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