AEMC 5060

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AEMC manufactures top-quality test and measurement equipment. The product line-up includes cable testers, current probes, megohmmeters, tachometers, etc. In case you need to measure electrical resistance of insulators effectively, pay attention to the company’s megohmmeters. Using these devices can help you get precise readings and avoid electrical shocks.

AEMC 5060 is a 5000V digital/analog megohmmeter. It is intended to test insulation on  cables, generators, motors, transformers, etc.

Using the True Megohmmeter®Model 5060, one can be sure that the test voltage is constant during the test. The device displays the test voltage, leakage current and the insulation resistance. Other measurements include DAR, DD, PI, etc. The megohmmeter features a large backlit display to show the readings. This megohmmeter can work either from battery, or from AC line power. The charging time of the device is approximately six hours.

AEMC 5060 is portable and can be easily transported from one place to another. In addition, the device is user-friendly, just make sure to read the user’s guide prior to working with the device. Thus, the item will work properly.

The company designed DataView software to be used with the device. You can control the megohmmeter remotely using your computer: run tests, store setups for applications, print out reports of measurement results, etc. The device has 128kB memory to store the readings.

AEMC is committed to quality. AEMC 5060 has a reliable construction and at the same time ensures excellent performance. The device is made of durable materials and designed to be used for a long time. The company incorporates the latest technologies in the process of manufacturing. Additionally, every item is tested in accordance with current standards.

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