A Breakthrough In Security Technologies: Neo-Padlocks Apr. 18, 2017

Every man and his dog know what a padlock is and how to use it. Moreover, five in ten people have made use of a padlock at least once in their life in order to protect their personal belongings from unauthorized access. Even kids use padlocks: sometimes in order to secure their toy boxes or just for fun – they play with keys and padlocks. There is one more category of people who use padlocks and keys – thieves and burglars, and unfortunately they don’t do it just for fun.

A bit of history: Padlocks have been used by Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians and were in use from at least 2000 BC. The oldest ones were made of wood.

Padlocks. New wave

The bitter truth is that to unlock a standard padlock is no longer a difficult task for most of unfair people mentioned above – they can just pick a key and get the access. If this variant doesn’t work – they make attempts to destroy the mechanism. As long as thieves’ skills are constantly developing, modern technologies dictate contemporary requirements and demand much of padlock manufacturers.

What and where are you going to protect?

The first innovation took place in 2009 – it was a padlock that could be opened with the help of an unusual combination – the mechanism reacted on right/left or up/down movements. The most prominent representative of the innovative mechanism – Master Lock 1500iD – perfectly suits for indoor applications on lockers and cabinets. This mechanism can be unlocked only after you apply a special code - a combination of movements and no numbers or letters to remember! This makes it perfect even for kids.

The top-rank specialists move with the time, and in autumn 2015 the world welcomed an unequaled security – the Bluetooth Smart® padlock. Fortunately, this technological breakthrough provided its users with new possibilities in security and set new limits for those with evil intentions. Master Lock 4401DLH was designed to keep personal belongings and territories safe – it can be used for gates, fences or garage doors as well as for storage boxes, lockers or chests.

How to double down security with padlocks

As far as opportunity makes the thief, protection of personal belongings is a very important task for every person and requires proper attention. Leaving this process unattended may result in bad consequences, starting with spoiled property and finishing with its absence. So, as in every beginning you should think of the end.

The choice may seem really wide and difficult, but after answering two simple questions below you would know better what to choose.

What and where are you going to protect?

That greatly influences the choice. The primary point of security system on your territory are gates, fences or front doors – they are the first to tempt and welcome the burglars in. For better security of outdoor points you can use combination padlocks of ProSeries® by Master Lock (Master Lock 1178 would perform superiorly). These mechanisms ensure you with ultimate protection and extra durability along with resistance to prying, shimming or rap attacking.

Extra tip

Along with reliable padlocks provide your territory with proper lighting.

The indoor protection is of high importance too. As far as burglars may be witty and clever don’t forget to ensure the security of sliding doors (or patio doors). For this purpose you may use a specific Master Lock 265DCCSEN door bar, which has an extra stopping power and prevents trespassing.

Add-on protection should be imposed on personal documents or other valuable private belongings. Whether you are having a picnic, sunbathing on the beach or just leaving your office for a lunch break – be sure, your stuff is safe and protected from any unauthorized access. That is possible with a portable safe Master Lock 5900D.This capacious case allows you to carry important or valuable things, like mobile telephone, cards, jewelry and others with you or leave them in this case without attendance fearlessly.

Who is going to use it?

With modern technologies the padlock represent a versatile array of operational modes. Some are locked with keys, others with combinations of numbers or letters. But the new option – Bluetooth-operated padlocks – represent a new way of protecting your property. For instance, Master Lock 4400D appears to be a convenient item to be used by the whole family, including children. Its main benefit is in operation with the help of a smartphone app – just share the access among the family members and don’t burden your memory with unnecessary figures or letters. Moreover, you have all the access history in your phone.

As surely as proper hygiene kills germs, proper and qualitative means of protection kill all the unwanted guests’ desire to get into your home. So, hoping for the best is good but preparing for the worst is more likely to protect you and your family!

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