MORRIS Products Inc. is a family-owned and managed business that was started in 1994 with a clear vision to build a company that offered both the highest quality manufactured products as well as industry leading customer service and support in the electrical and construction markets. In the years since, MORRIS has come to not only realize this vision but also set new standards for product quality and operational efficiency in the industry. Now with thousands of products to choose from, MORRIS has built a reputation for its immense selection, flexibility and responsiveness to customers, knowledgeable personnel, and passionate devotion to product development & excellence. Even as MORRIS has grown to become a leader in the electrical and construction industries, it has always maintained a clear commitment to the core family values from which it was founded upon.

Why Choose MORRIS?

The company are working hard to earn your business! Their value goes beyond just having excellent products at competitive prices. At Morris they know that customer service and satisfaction are what drive your business; that’s why everything they do is designed to give you unparalleled selection, service, and value. MORRIS’ renowned focus on customer service means you can concentrate on your customers - not your supply chain.

MORRIS Products - Excellence in Quality & Service for Over 20 Years!.

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