The origin of Brady Corporation lies with William H. Brady Jr. in 1914 as a push card manufacturer, with the focus shifting towards wire identification supplier during World War II. Since 1954 Brady Foundation has invested millions of dollars into the development of new technologies and advanced solutions. Nowadays Brady Corporation is a world-renowned leader in any segment of the market it enters. Presented in a variety of spheres, this business giant’s major focus remains identification products, ranging from networking and wiring to security solutions.

Brady has over 250 technologists in R&D laboratory sites located in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. The R&D Department of the Brady Corporation is constantly working on new developments. There are three main areas of research: Materials, Electro-Mechanical Systems, and Software. The product lines evolve from identification supplies and introducing printing solutions, able to manufacture identification cards on-the-spot. Developing advanced software to operate the printing machinery, Brady Corporation provides one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching lists of products.

Brady is the company you trust when performance matters most.


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