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Electricity is used as a power source for a variety of gadgets and devices, both professional, like hardness testers, and simple gadgets we use every day, like coffee machines and toasters. But even though it is commonly used and produced, our technologies cannot give us 100% control over this power source, and accidents connected with electricity are happening on a regular basis.

Prior to repairing a device, it should always be cut off from power. Working on a device that is plugged into the outlet is dangerous for the technician and everyone surrounding them. There are special gadgets that are designed to check if a device is powered or not. Voltage detectors are very useful when it comes to safeguarding your health and life while working with electronic equipment. We offer a great selection of gadgets from the best manufacturers in the industry. You will surely find what you need. Shop with Mega Depot.

Voltage Detectors

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One should be very careful when working with electronic machinery or power grid because improper behavior and incomplete safety measures can lead to damaging your equipment, injury, or even death. In case a malfunction occurs or a gadget breaks down, a specialist is required to analyze and repair the equipment. Voltage detectors have a simple function of indicating whether there’s electricity running through a wire or a device. Such gadgets give visual and/or audio signals if an electric current is detected. There are three types of such detectors. The first has two leads, one of them is attached to a wire, and the other one - to the grounding connection. The second type has only one connection, and it relies on the current that passes through a person using this device. It’s smaller and cheaper but is not as safe as other types of detectors. The third type is a non-contact detector, it uses electric fields to detect the flow of electricity.