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Nowadays, the components used by industries may vary from soft, e.g. paper and foam to hard, e.g. rocks and metal alloys. These dense and durable materials are needed to produce durable and stress-resistant products that are suited to be used in the harshest circumstances imaginable. Such goods, as well as elements that are used for their production, should be reliable and firm. Therefore, they require specific checks before production, in the process of making, and after the product has been completed. Hardness is a parameter that is quite difficult to quantify and specialized machinery is required to execute such tests.

These devices, called hardness testers, are created to recognize and evaluate the resistance capabilities of a test subject to various shape-changing influences, specifically indentation. This estimation is required to establish how dense and tough the test subject is, and what are the resistance capabilities of the material to shape changing caused by a continued pressure caused by a small or sharp object.

Hardness Testers

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There are many various testing technologies, however, the one that is frequently used and proved itself very effective is Rockwell testing. This technique requires special machinery and is done in two steps. Firstly, a probing amount of force is exercised on the test subject. Primary information is collected after applying a small amount of pressure and is considered the starting point of hardness gradation. Right after this, the preset amount of pressure required for evaluation is applied. The exercised force is set by testing requirements for an object or material. Then the main force is taken off the object, but the starting amount of pressure remains on the test subject. The hardness parameter can be quantified using the depth of deformation of an object. There are also other methods of such evaluations, but they are all based around quantifying the degree of deformation of an object and force applied to deform it, and then require additional calculations to establish the required parameter.

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