Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras were introduced not a long time ago, but have proved to be useful in many different fields. These cameras use infrared rays emitted by an object to form a picture. In general, they function similarly to conventional cameras, but they use special photoconductors that have different lightwave range sensitivity and capture pictures that cannot be taken by a regular camera or a human eye. There are two types of infrared cameras. The first type uses a cooled image detector that can provide high-quality images, but is bulky and has to maintain very low temperature all the time. The second type uses an uncooled detector that is smaller and cheaper but provides slightly lower image quality.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Thermal imaging cameras can save images or videos for later analysis, which may be useful in various situations. Infrared cameras are utilized in different industries. They may be used by the military, law enforcers and firefighters, while inspecting a building project, while performing engine or HVAC diagnostics, as well as in astronomy, medicine, chemistry, meteorology, and more.

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