Leak detector is a specialized gadget that is developed specifically for such purposes. A large variety of leak detectors exists. They are suited for different purposes, but the construction is usually similar. There is a probe, that monitors specified parameters or takes a sample of required substance, and sends it to the testing part of the device that determines if a leak is present and displays the result for better analysis. There’s a great selection of leak detectors that are applied in different fields. Current leak detectors are required to examine electrical systems and wiring. Gas detectors are used in storage or transportation systems of natural gas or any potentially hazardous gas. They are very useful in detecting gases seeping out into the atmosphere or working environment, and help protect the health or even lives of working personnel. Refrigerant leak detectors are used in HVAC/R systems to monitor refrigerant substances, as well as in specialized equipment, such as refrigerant recovery machines. There are special sensor tapes that are used in combination with water detectors that allow you to monitor the water system. There are also various multipurpose detectors that may be used in several application fields.

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