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Testing tools are very effective and useful during the development and manufacturing process. These tools allow us to evaluate a test subject and find out if it has the intended properties. An illustration of a commonly used testing device is a force gauge. It’s a special gadget that is needed to quantify the force, which is being exercised on an object. It’s a universal tool that is used across all industries and in almost all application fields, such as research and prototype lab testing, mass manufacturing, and after-production quality checks. 

There are two types of force gauges. The first type is a mechanical gauge. It’s often qualified as a sub-type of weighing scales. The structure is relatively simple, it’s basically a rigid spring that has a hook connected to it. It quantifies the strain that emerges after the force is exercised and indicates it by using respective markings on the spring itself. This type of device can be adjusted for the precise evaluation of mass, but generally, they are not used in accurate mass measuring due to the inconsistent behavior and possible stretching of the spring over time. This gadget measures force applied to a test subject, so if you want to know the exact mass of an object, the spring must not be affected by any other force or movement.

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The second type is a digital gauge. It is a special device, similar in functions to the previously described gauge. It’s usually a small portable instrument that is made up of a special load cell, additional electronic hardware, specialized calculating software, and a monitor to present the result of the test. A load cell is a specialized electronic gear. It quantifies the strain applied to it and converts it into an electric signal. The greater the force that is being applied to it, the stronger the electric signal emitted by this gear. The signal is then received by the electronic equipment installed in the device and calculated and interpreted into force units that are shown on the gadget display.

Force gauges may be applied in various fields, like weighing heavy loads, object resistance and integrity tests, spring and wire tests, weapon trigger tests, and many more. Mega Depot offers a variety of force gauges as well as supplementary equipment and software. Mark-10, Torbal, Extech, Greenlee, and other brands offer their high-quality products at the best prices.