Master Lock Locks

Master Lock Locks

Master Lock locks are for those who value quality and security. You can choose from an extensive range of items including cabinet locks, cable locks, chain locks, hasps, padlocks, vehicle locks and more.

Built-in combination locks for lift handle lockers offer automatic locking. They feature 5 pre-set combinations. With the company’s entry door locks, you can rest assured that your property is safe. It is possible to choose from aged bronze, polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel and other options. Master Lock also offers single/double cylinder deadbolts. They are suitable for exterior locking applications... Read more

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If you are looking for cable locks, there are many variants to choose from. Python adjustable locking cables are commonly used for construction sites, portable power equipment, etc. Combination cable locks are perfect for bicycles, gates and fences. You can also find motorcycle locks, braided steel keyed cable locks, self-coiling cable locks and many more.

Steel chain locks offer resistance to cutting and prying. You can use chain locks to secure bikes, grills, lawnmowers, gates, etc.

Master Lock hasps are perfect for fences, sheds, trailers and more. Zinc plated hardened steel offers strength and resistance to various weather conditions.

The company offers an extensive range of padlocks. Here are some of them:

  • Solid brass padlocks are very popular among customers. The items have a convenient diamond shape. Small sizes are usually chosen for luggage, when larger padlocks are perfect to secure gates, sheds and more. There are rekeyable and non-rekeyable models.
  • Laminated steel padlocks are also bestsellers. Pin tumbler locks offer dual locking hardened steel shackles and tough laminated steel bodies. The padlocks are resistant to physical abuse to protect your property from theft.
  • American Lock aluminum padlocks are lightweight yet durable. The protection is similar to brass in harsh environments. The items with an anodized finish are suitable to be used in the food processing industry. The products are available in different colors, choose the one for you.
  • American Lock solid steel padlocks have hardened, chrome-plated solid steel bodies that can withstand cutting and sawing. Harden boron alloy steel shackles are resistant to cutting. These padlocks are perfect to secure gates, van doors, equipment and more.

To secure your bike, you can purchase a U-lock or a steering wheel lock. With these products, your bicycle will be just where you left it.

When choosing a product by Master Lock, pay attention to its level of security (on the scale from 1 to 10). For example, for a locker, a level 5 is used, however, for garages and vans, you should choose a lock with at least level 8.

All products offer unmatched strength and durability. Find a lock for your application!