You spend your time and invest money in creating a nice home or workplace. How is it possible to protect it from trespassers without spending a pile of cash?

The very first and most widely spread solution is a decent Padlock! We offer a huge padlock selection for all levels of security, as well as the different styles and types of padlocks, and related equipment by worldwide famous brands and manufacturers. Available in keyed-different, keyed-alike or master-keyed options, our range of high security padlocks offer the greatest level of security as well as easy key control.

For keeping physical property like important documents and valuables we suggest using a Safe, preferably one bolted to the floor, so the thieves can't carry it away.

Think about using Electric Fencing Systems to keep away predators, which are especially useful for the farmers for corralling their livestock.

Another trend is installing security Surveillance Cameras (SCs). Internal and external SCs are one of the most popular additions to alarm systems. The prices for simple SCs are reasonable, and nowadays the technology goes so far as connecting to your cellphone, so you can watch when you're not home, or snapping a picture each time someone opens a certain door.

Multiple layers of residential or business security make your house or a workplace a challenge for burglars, who are usually looking for a quick in and out.