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A lock is the most popular security measure. The item itself is somewhat iconic, and can be used to symbolize security measures and protection in general. Locks were used since ancient Egypt and Assyria, and have evolved significantly over past centuries, ensuring maximum security and protection. We offer an extensive range of locks manufactured by the best brands in the industry.

Cabinet Locks

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Locks play an important role in providing basic security and protection of your personal belongings and valuable items. They can be seen everywhere - from doors and safes to cabinets and bike stands. Cabinet locks are regularly used in offices and industrial complexes. Personal lockers are common on such facilities, and providing suitable protection of stored personal item is very important. Similar locks are also used in equipment storing facilities and laboratory cabinets, or office premises that may contain documents, personal files, etc. Mega Depot provides a great selection of mechanical and electronic locks, produced to suit your specific requirements.