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Safety information is of paramount importance on any industrial complex. Heavy-duty, chemical, biological, and part-production industries imply constant interaction of working personnel with dangerous components. Safety precautions must be taken, and providing adequate warning and advice to the personnel is very important in ensuring safe and productive workflow. Such info can be illustrated on signs and banners, however all crucial data and working instructions are commonly compiled into safety data sheets (SDS). These sheets are grouped into binders, which are, in turn, placed in working premises. We introduce a selection of SDS binders and sheets, all for the lowest prices.

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SDS inserts carry all necessary data that concerns a specific object or material. Most commonly such sheets are used when handling chemically aggressive components, however they are not limited to them. Sheets comprise designations of the material, properties, rules when handling, transporting, storing, etc. Binders that contain such sheets must be located in every working premise/environment, and be accessible to any worker at any moment of the day. Binders do not have any particular requirement to them, however they often come in bright contrast colors, so that they are easier to notice. Wear-resistant materials are used to protect binders from possible harsh conditions of the working environment. Mega Depot supplies a range of inserts and binders manufactured by the best companies.