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Warnings and indications of danger, hazards, or other potential threats to human health and life are essential in creating a safe and productive workflow. A variety of products are used to designate items or indicate possible dangers, ranging from small labels to barriers and more. However, there are appliances specifically suited for indication and informative purposes. Signs are commonly used across a multitude of application spheres, including production facilities and industrial complexes. We provide a huge selection of signs suited for a variety of application fields.


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Signs were first used in ancient Egypt and Rome. Generally, signs are meant to contain only shapes or drawings, from which a person draws information or indication of a certain object or process. Industrial signs, however, are known to contain text that specifies the nature of the hazardous object or process, and also contains basic instructions or simple messages. Signs contain pictograms, which are standardized on an international or national level so that signs from different manufacturers cause no confusion and can be understood by everybody. Another factor that can change or influence the meaning of a sign is the color of its base or outline (orange commonly means attention or warnings, red - danger, and so on). Mega Depot offers a vast array of quality and affordable signs.