There are numerous fittings and couplings that exist to create and maintain the link connecting pipes, tubes, and hoses. Every piece has its own particular application parameters and methods of fixation. One of the techniques that is commonly utilized when dealing with hoses is called "crimping", fittings called crimp collars are required for this method. We offer a great selection of crimp collar hose fittings of various sizes.



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Collars are specific metal connections that are applied to join two pieces of a hose, to close up a hose or to create a base for further fittings. Crimp collars require radial crimping to get properly attached to a hose. The principle of crimp joints is simple - the shape of the fitting is altered by applying mechanical force, and thus it is permanently linked to a hose. Such connections require special devices to apply gradual pressure to the joint in order not to deform it in an undesired way. Crimp collars create a strong permanent bond that is very hard to separate or break. We offer a range of such items for the lowest prices available. Shop for the best with Mega Depot.