Most of Carson’s handheld magnifiers have a convenient handle, some models come without it. Choose from various magnifying powers for your purpose.

The company’s hands-free magnifiers are designed specifically for those who need both hands for the activity. There are models that can be worn on your head, neck or attached to the table. The applications include hobbies, repairs, reading, etc.

Carson loupes are ideal for viewing maps, miniatures and more. They are compact and can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

The Pro Series includes different handheld models, magnifying lamps, desk magnifiers, head-worn devices and more. The MagniFlash devices are equipped with aspheric lenses that ensure image clarity and have reduced distortion. With the MeasureLoupe models you can use UV light to examine hidden details on currency. The MagniFlex Pro is an adjustable magnifier that can be attached to the table. It is equipped with 16 bright LED lights. The DeskBrite magnifiers have an extendable neck and bright LED lights to use the devices even in low light conditions. The MagniVisor items are designed to be worn on the head so you have your hands free. It is possible to use a LED lamp (removable). The SolderMag device is a solder station magnifier. It features a soldering iron holder, solder spoon dispenser and LED lights. The company’s Desktop Fresnel Magnifier is ideal for reading or other hobbies. It has a wide field of view for more convenience. The News Reader Fresnel Magnifier is lightweight and perfect for reading your favorite books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The company cares about the quality of its products. Therefore, every item is tested and checked in order to meet demanding present-day standards.