Magnifying glasses & loupes are common optical tools that are utilized in numerous application fields. A magnifier has a special type of lens, which produces an enlarged picture of an object. Magnifiers are commonly installed in a casing with a grip. High-power magnifying lenses may also be installed in a special holder that can be attached to objects like glasses or helmets, and are used by people from various professions, including jewelers, watchmakers, dentists, electric engineers, the list goes on. We provide a great selection of magnifiers & loupes at the best prices.


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Glass lenses were utilized to start a fire, while glass flasks filled with liquid were used to magnify text. In the heart of a modern-day magnifying tool lies a convex lens. These lenses differ in magnification rate, commonly set within the borders of 2-6 times magnification. Loupes commonly have a higher rate (up to 30x) and are mounted, as mentioned above, on glasses to provide an instant enlarged image without distracting the user. Headgear with retractable loupes or even several sets of loupes is also commonly used. We provide an impressive range of optical tools that may be applied in a professional activity as well as for everyday tasks. Find the best solutions on Mega Depot!