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Black Box media converters are high-quality devices that connect 2 or more dissimilar types. Increasing the overall network efficiency is crucial for those who want to keep up with a rapidly changing technology. Black Box product line-up includes commercial grade, industrial and managed media converters.

The commercial grade media converters’ working principle is based on inserting fiber segments into copper networks. Depending on the purpose of usage, it is possible to choose from mini converters, chassis-based devices or hybrid models that allow to connect a few devices and then work with a bigger amount if necessary. Read more

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The industrial media converters are intended for the use in various conditions including operation within various temperature ranges and many more. Industrial media converters are used in an array of different industries including agriculture, manufacturing, O&G, transportation etc.

The managed media converters are widely used in large networks. The main advantage of these types of devices is that they can be managed by network administrators: they can fix problems fast, allowing the network to function properly.

Black Box media converters have a lot of advantages. First, they increase network speed. Second, they improve the network within the equipment the users already have. Third, the devices provide their users with optimal data transmission.

Black Box products are competitively priced, so you can get reliable devices that will serve them for decades plus the users save money and do not overpay.

All items of this brand have a durable construction combined with functionality. In addition, the products undergo various tests to work properly in every aspect. The devices meet present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements.

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