Cables are irreplaceable in any power or signal transmitting network. Transmitting signals or electricity from one point to another, they make up the biggest part of a power grid, linking power stations and relays to homes and offices.

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Cables are divided into two major categories: power and networking cables. Power cables are utilized for transmitting electricity from sources to consumers. They range from massive cables used for supplying cities with power to small cables used in gadgets and devices. Networking cables are suited for transferring informational signals at long distances. The short-distance transfer may be performed via cables or wireless networks.

Regardless of the type, cables consist of a core of a metal wire (transporting element) and insulation. A cord may contain multiple wires inside, and they can be braided together for better tear resistance and flexibility. Cores made of copper are commonly covered in thin layers of other metals to protect and separate wires.

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