A micrometer is a special gadget that is used for exact length measuring. Screw gages provide extremely accurate results (up to 0.001'). Commonly, they come as small handheld devices, suited for measuring little parts, however, industrial micrometers can measure up to several ft. Mega Depot offers a wide assortment of micrometers designed for your specific needs.


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A micrometer is a subtype of a gage utilized for exact length estimation. The technological peculiarity of this device is that it uses a screw-based mechanism to quantify distances that cannot be measured with regular methods. The first known prototype of this tool was created in the 17th century, and it was used in astronomy. Micrometers can be divided into three main types. The 1st type (called depth meter) quantifies the depth of cavities and openings. The 2nd type (inside) measures the diameters of openings. The 3rd one (outside) estimates the length of objects, diameters of spheres, etc. Analog micrometers can be somewhat difficult to read, that’s why some devices have digital indicators to prevent possible human error while measuring. Buy micrometers on Mega Depot and you will surely get a quality product you can rely on at a low price. Find the best solution for your application, shop with us!